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Mon dernier soupir Luis Bu Uel Lived Many Lives Surrealist, Spanish Civil War Propagandist, Hedonist, Friend Of Artists And Poets, And Filmmaker With Surprising Candor And Wit, Bu Uel Offers His Sometimes Scathing Opinions On The Literati And Avant Garde Members Of His Sweeping Social Circle, Including Pablo Picasso, Jorge Luis Borges, Salvador Dal , And Federico Garc A Lorca These Colorful Stories Of His Nomadic Life Reveal A Man Of Stunning Imagination And InfluenceLuis Bu Uel Was One Of The Twentieth Century S Greatest Filmmakers His Many Credits Include Un Chien Andalou , Which He Conceived With Salvador Dal , And The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie , Which Won The Academy Award For Best Foreign Film Luis Bunuel wrote the way he directed sharp, sparing, and with a devilish wit He focuses on what interests and amuses him, never gets lost in details He doesn t offer a lot in the way of gossip and there are aspects of his personal life that he preferred to keep closed see his films and make what you will of his religious and sexual obsessions He doesn t scrutinize the meaning of his work there s a wide body of obscurantist film theorists who have taken on that task, if you re interested but he remembers the illuminating incidents and details, reveals his working process, gives some sense of how inspiration works, and why faith in God always remained for him the biggest mystery of all His films could be pitiless examinations of human cruelty and folly, but the man recalling his life in this wonderfully conversational memoir comes across as, dare I say it, gentle and humane A humanist with a rapier. One of my favourites, as you would expect I m a massive Bu uel fan, even modeling my drinking and smoking regimens on his advice in this book back in the 80s By turns funny, angry, insightful, and intelligent, but always entertaining. This is a wonderful autobiography of the great film director Luis Bunuel I have watched several of his films and really enjoyed them This book covers his life growing up in Spain, his 36 years living in Mexico City where most of his films were made, as well as times he spent in New York, California and Paris Unfortunately, he died the year after this book was written and published at the age of 83 Anybody who likes his films or just cinema in general, should really enjoy this book. One of the great charming memoirs from an artist who I suspect wasn t that charming in real life But Bunuel was such an incredible force in his medium that he worked in the cinema He had his up s and his down s Dali not that great as a friend but he took the cultural big surf as a great surfer and basically made films that were incredibly unique, fun, and wellFantastic There is not one Bunuel that I don t love And I also love this book as well.

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