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Longinus The Vampire: Redemption Two demon sisters one demon throne War is coming, and Hell will be unleashed to crown the Queen of the Night Prepare your mortal mind for an orgy of lust, violence, horror and demonic fire and brimstone Present day Scotland, Americaand HellLonginus is bound to Lilith, the Queen of the Night, again Once , he is her champion, her slave her Revenant She commands him to protect the fledgling vampire lady of New York from an army of horrific feral vampires To save Lady Veronica and her coven, he must descend into the dark bowels of the city and confront the terrifying and insane feral queenBut his real troubles are just beginning A beautiful and seductive demoness has ensnared him in her plot to destroy Lilith an ancient lover has appeared with her heart set on revenge Lilith s hideous daughters are baying for his blood, and the King of Demons wants to devour his soul However, the past dictates the future, and terrible events that occurred in ancient Rome, during the French Revolution and in th century New York will affect his fate and destiny The final battle will take place in Purgatory There, he must stand alone, like a wounded lion, and face the hideous obscenities of HellAbandon all hope, ye who enter here There is truly no redemption for the damned This has got to be the most epic and fantastically addicting Trilogy I ve read in ages Longinus returns with a vengeance in his next exciting, bloodthirsty, lusty and darkly disturbing HORROR adventure It contains scenes of violence, sex and demonic depravity that will keep humans awake at night The dark and terrifying tale is scribed in British English Gird your loins, mortal, and enter of your own free willYou may never want to return Some UK Reviews Move over Dracula there is a new vampire and he kicks some serious ass This is a great follow up book Chock full of violence and sex, as a good vampire book should be This story is violent, sexy and full of fire and brimstone The story of Longinus continues with even sex, violence, adventure and an epic ending Australia i loved this book it has been a really long time since i could sink my teeth into a really interesting exciting vampire story I read the first title Longinus the Vampire and then Longinus Redemption starting Longinus Babylon in a minute Cant wait im chain reading this series

About the Author: Alan Kinross

The humble Scottish chronicler of the Longinus the Vampire trilogy.Terrifying, exciting, controversial and highly provocative horror adventure novels Gripping tales of vampires, demons, gods and an enigmatic dark hero.Saint or sinner Knight or nightmare Only the godsand youcan tell.But, be ye warnedall hope abandon, ye that enter here.There is no redemption for the damned.

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    This is not the first time I have run across the notion that the Roman soldier who pierced the side of the Nazarene became a vampire Longinus is much better by far than the first one This story is engaging and intense Deeply melancholy and with unsettling amounts of violence I was completely absorbed into the world of a singular immortal I can t describe it without spoilers so grab your own copy and

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    A keeperWhat s not to like, you don t have to read 20 pages of repeated sex, or repeating itself over and over, this book is so amazing from beginning to end, including all of the sequels, this book it is very well written, you can not put it down, vampires, demons, bats, just an amazing book, I sincerely thank Alan for writing these books

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    The book wasn t totally disappointing The concept was good but something was missing believe it was due to Needing better editing Was so bad at times had to re read scenes a few times due to the what was written not making sense Also SO MANY run together words

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    Enjoyable read.I loved the continued book in the series and plan to read the next book asap The dept of the main characters expanded The multiple plots of opposing characters is interesting Flow of action entertaining Recommend

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    Would buy it again if I got the option.A wild ride from start to finish Stayed up wayyyy to late devouring both these books The sex is a littleprevalent in this one, but doesn t detract from the story.

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    THE SAGA OF TREACHERY, LOVE AND BLOOD CONTINUES IT DOES..Hello, this is a really great story The ending was a little bit of a bummer, but I can see where it fits with the next book Good stuff Thanks.

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    First book in the series This is definitely for adults The story is good and I m looking forward to finishing the series.

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    Good and believable characters, good story, nicely described action Overall, I enjoyed reading the book.And the ending was just perfect.

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