Silent Echoes: Discovering Early Hollywood Through the

Silent Echoes: Discovering Early Hollywood Through the Films of Buster Keaton Wow the author did his homework Very wellresearched. This is one of the most impressive books I have ever read Bengston does all this insane detective work to figure out where Keaton movies were filmed He does stuff like circle a vent off in the background of film still, point out that building in an old aerial photograph and then show where Keaton must have put his camera on a map He points out an unusual staircase and finds the building that it belonged to He notices the alternating heights of palm trees and uses that as a starting point to piece together where a scene took place I don't understand how one guy could have possibly done this, but he did and it's marvelous In addition to providing insight into Keaton's films, it also turns them into a photographic record of Hollywood in the 1920's I'm not sure that I actually learned much from it and think you would have to have some existing knowledge of the city to retain many of the details When I rewatch Keaton films, I now occasionally notice the distinctive fence boards outside Keaton's studio but that's about it However, even that one detail is a cool piece of information to know and when the book is taken as a whole the project is so impressive that it is worth owning just as a physical piece of art on your bookshelf I live in Vancouver, which is another city with a big film industry and I'd love to see a similar project recreating a lost version of this city hidden in the background of films. A unique visual history of early Hollywood and other vintage locations as depicted in Buster Keaton's classic movies, this book combines images from Keaton's films with archival photographs, historic maps, and scores of dramatic �then” and �now” photos, revealing dozens of movie locations that lay undiscovered for nearlyyears Part timemachine, part detective story, it presents a fresh look at the matchless Keaton at work, as well as a captivating glimpse of Hollywood's most romantic era More than a book for film, comedy, or history buffs, this book will appeal to anyone fascinated with solving puzzles or witnessing the awesome passage of time

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