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The Great Movies II Continuing the pitch perfect critiques begun in The Great Movies, Roger Ebert s The Great Movies II collectsadditional essays, each one of them a gem of critical appreciation and an amalgam of love, analysis, and history that will send readers back to films with a fresh set of eyes and renewed enthusiasm or perhaps to an avid first time viewing Neither a snob nor a shill, Ebert manages in these essays to combine a truly populist appreciation for today s most important form of popular art with a scholar s erudition and depth of knowledge and a sure aesthetic sense Once again wonderfully enhanced by stills selected by Mary Corliss, former film curator at the Museum of Modern Art, The Great Movies II is a treasure trove for film lovers of all persuasions, an unrivaled guide for viewers, and a book to return to again and againFilms featured in The Great Movies IIAngry Men The Adventures of Robin Hood Alien Amadeus Amarcord Annie Hall Au Hasard, Balthazar The Bank Dick Beat the Devil Being There The Big Heat The Birth of a Nation The Blue Kite Bob le Flambeur Breathless The Bridge on the River Kwai Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garc a Buster Keaton Children of Paradise A Christmas Story The Color Purple The Conversation Cries and Whispers The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Don t Look Now The Earrings of Madame de The Fall of the House of Usher The Firemen s Ball Five Easy Pieces Goldfinger The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Goodfellas The Gospel According to Matthew The Grapes of Wrath Grave of the Fireflies Great Expectations House of Games The Hustler In Cold Blood Jaws Jules and Jim Kieslowski s Three Colors TrilogyKind Hearts and Coronets King Kong The Last Laugh Laura Leaving Las Vegas Le Boucher The Leopard The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp The Manchurian Candidate The Man Who Laughs Mean Streets Mon Oncle Moonstruck The Music Room My Dinner with Andre My Neighbor Totoro Nights of Cabiria One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest Orpheus Paris, Texas Patton Picnic at Hanging Rock Planes, Trains and Automobiles The Producers Raiders of the Lost Ark Raise the Red Lantern Ran Rashomon Rear Window Rififi The Right Stuff Romeo and Juliet The Rules of the Game Saturday Night Fever Say Anything Scarface The Searchers Shane Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Solaris Strangers on a Train Stroszek A Sunday in the Country Sunrise A Tale of Winter The Thin Man This Is Spinal Tap Tokyo Story Touchez Pas au Grisbi Touch of Evil The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Ugetsu Umberto D Unforgiven Victim Walkabout West Side Story Yankee Doodle Dandy

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    According to Goodreads, it took me almost a year to get through this book This doesn t mean that it s boring, it just means that it s the sort of book that you can leave on your bedside and dip into now and again Ebert was one of our best movie critics and this collection of essays is an enjoyable love letter to the movies I believe Ebert wrote four of these Great Movies books In each on

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    It s really delightful to read Ebert on the movies you already know, since he measures his responses and his enthusiasm quite gracefully Not a clunker in the bunch

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    This is the second in what eventually become four volumes in Roger Ebert s Great Movies series There are 100 entries here One of them, listed as Kieslowski s Three Colors Trilogy, is actually a consideration of three separate films One, listed as Buster Keaton, should include every film Keaton ever made, although this entry only discusses a few of them This is foolish it makes nosense than

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    As Roger Ebert is quick to point out, this is NOT a book of the second 100 Greatest Movies based on a ranking or rating system In fact, he holds many of the titles contained within this collection with equal esteem as those mentioned in the first book The only ranking he would admit to doing was for the Sight Sound polling of film critics and he wasn t happy about it Instead, he used a defi

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    There are many aspects to appreciate about Roger Ebert s writing There are two that make me a fan even though I disagreed with him many times 1 he was extremely knowledgeable about the history of film, and movies in general 2 he had what I can only describe as joy in his work It was contagious I know from writing movie reviews myself that it isn t as simple as, I like this, I don t like that

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    This volume hasforeign and less known films but like the original volume, the summaries and descriptions make you want to run out and rent the movies ASAP.

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    I believe that Roger Ebert wrote a total of four volumes of his Great Movies series I ve only read the first two My initial impression after completing the second volume is that the movies included here are nowhere near the caliber of the films featured in his first volume It seems as though he s really scraping How he managed to put out twovolumes after this is a bit shocking to me I m not, b

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    As I mentioned in a previous review, Roger Ebert was a great critic who really loved film While he was alive he wrote a number of essays for the newspaper he worked for that focused on movies he thought had achieved a level of greatness that transcended our cultural norms.With this series of movies, I have watched less of them than before, or so it seems I have heard of most of them, especially

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    Why or why did I find the second book first The story of my life Now I have to backtrack and read Book one too The book is a collection of essays by Ebert discussing some of the greatest movies of all time.This is not a second tier ranking after the films discussed in book one It is simply a compilation of essays from Ebert based on his watching and re watching of many of these films as well as

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    I ve reached a place where I m not sure what I think of Roger Ebert I know that he was a powerhouse in film review Hell, he even won a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism There s a reason for that his reviews are well done thorough, analytical, and full of love for film even when he does not love the film he s reviewing in particular Still, I do have to think about the fact that he is a straight, white

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