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Silver Shadows Yup yup yup I loved this one So much happened in less than 400 pages and I honestly couldn t put it down I read it in a day despite having other commitments because Richelle Mead s books are so addictive Immediately diving into The Ruby Circle because I MUST know how this series ends. I never thought I would find some to hate as much as I hate Dolores Umbridge But Sheridan came close Hope they re going to share the same corner in the Hell Okay I m going to play a game with this book I m going to write a list of things I want to happen in the plot, and I get one point for everything that happens Feel free to put additions to the list in the comments It should be noted that while writing this list I ve only read the first two books The others aren t released yet Game List One point for everything that happens in This Book 1 If Dimitri is mentioned, or appears Okay the list could end now Just this whole book being on Dimitri and I would totally be okay with that 2 The title of this book will include the name of a colour 1 POINT Heck Yeah The game has begun 3 Rose shall come back Causing some serious Adrian Sydney relationship drama actually that s not a bad prediction 4 A wedding Or a baby Preferable from Lissa Christian or Dimitri Rose but hey, I m not fussy 5 Someone slaps Adrian Two points if he gets slapped twice 6 Someone gets a tattoo My bet is on Angeliene 7 Someone stakes a Strigoi8 Sydney gives into her witchy tendencies and does a spell that saves Adrians life 9 Adrian and Sydney kiss again 50 points if they sleep together because I totally support that 10 Adrian kisses someone other than Sydney two points if it s because he s angry that Sydney rejected him 11 A male character is shirtless 12 Someone goes swimming 13 One point every time someone even a Strigoi or bad guy dies Two points if it makes Sydney re eval WHOAAAAAAAA JUST FINISHED Review coming soonAFTER THAT KILLER ENDING..SOMEONE GIVE ME THIS BOOK RELEASE DATE IS TOO FAR I CANT TAKE THIS.. SpoilersThere were so many things I hated about Silver Shadows, the main thing being Sydney and Adrian I wasn t all that much of a fan of Sydney in the first Bloodlines book but she grew on me and I began to like her almost as much as Rose but not any I can t stand Mary Sue s and in this one she showed that she was a Mary Sue of the highest order Adrian I ve never really liked but I was able to tolerate him in the last couple of books Well, not any He proved to be a whiny, self centered, disloyal prat who didn t love Sydney as much as he claimed He just loves playing the eternal victim and woe is me card too much for me to actually like him The story itself was dull, nothing much happened for the most part, Sydney s re education torture was boring and Adrian s arc mainly consisted of him having a pity party and whining Random, repetitive, ranty thoughts Sydney s time at the re education centre didn t grip me at all, probably because the Alchemists just weren t that interesting Sheridan was cliched, Sydney s reaction to her torture was cliched, the whole Sydney trying to plot against the Alchemists was cliched Nothing surp Post SilverShadows I m speechless it was everything I wanted and but again that ending killed me but sydrian forever If you haven t finished reading the fiery heart don t read this..Does anyone else think it could be possible that the alchemists kick Adrian out of his apartment because technically Sydney got permission from the boss for him to have it That s the question that randomly entered my mind tonight What I want from this book Abe using some c4 to help get Sydney back Some magic happening Sydney s coven helping Adrian find Sydney Sydney fights with help and wins against the alchemists She confronts Zoe and slaps her or something because I want too Someone please tell off papa sage Adrian s escape plans become real and they runaway and be happy forever Finally get to meet Carly Mama sage gets fu SCROLL DOWN TO THE END TO READ REVIEW ALL THIS WAS POST BEFORE THANK YOU.You GuysI didnt.WhatI..please stop.just.DIDN T KNOW THERE WERE GOING TO BE A FIFTH BOOK LET ALONE A SIX MAR VEL LOUS YES SIR REE PYES SO EXCITED But the release date..noITS TOO FREAKING FAR.and i DESPISE AND HATE, AB SOL LUTE LEE H.A.T.E CLIFHANGERS NOVEMBER TOOO FAAAARR NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So does Jennifer Lawrence She says no too and again.she and i totally think alike So does my sister..from another world JK NOT MY SISTER and Emma Stone.she does like stoned.and when she s not stoned..not that its any different and Lea Michele.and Anna Kendrick,And Harry Potts..and a er..random girlSee They all agree with me TOoO LONG TTThanks Fat Amy..sighi guess i ll just..deal with itdamn.Easy for you to say Sailor Moon and i know how you feel Famy Great Another summer without vampires Until school starts College Ugh However, its a fall I look forward too Well, like Thanksgiving, but whatever D CIAO PEEPS SkyaverP.S Review t The Heart Pounding Fifth Installment Of The Bestselling Bloodlines Series, From The Author Of Vampire Academy.Sydney Sage Is An Alchemist, One Of A Group Of Humans Who Dabble In Magic And Serve To Bridge The Worlds Of Humans And Vampires They Protect Vampire Secrets And Human Lives.In The Fiery Heart, Sydney Risked Everything To Follow Her Gut, Walking A Dangerous Line To Keep Her Feelings Hidden From The Alchemists.Now In The Aftermath Of An Event That Ripped Their World Apart, Sydney And Adrian Struggle To Pick Up The Pieces And Find Their Way Back To Each Other But First, They Have To Survive For Sydney, Trapped And Surrounded By Adversaries, Life Becomes A Daily Struggle To Hold On To Her Identity And The Memories Of Those She Loves Meanwhile, Adrian Clings To Hope In The Face Of Those Who Tell Him Sydney Is A Lost Cause, But The Battle Proves Daunting As Old Demons And New Temptations Begin To Seize Hold Of Him Their Worst Fears Now A Chilling Reality, Sydney And Adrian Face Their Darkest Hour In The Fifth Book Of The New York Times Bestselling Bloodlines Series, Where All Bets Are Off. Engrossing plot involving a re education camp with similarities to real life de gaying camps Well written action scenes, swoony romance, and exciting OH SO EXCITING character story arcs Sydney s grown on me quite a bit since the first couple of books, and the Sydrian romance feels intimate and respectful and full of promise.Full

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