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The Starburster At first, Tam isn t at all keen on his baby sister, Blue All she seems to do is cry But with a little inventive persuasion from Great grandpa Tam changes his mind and even goes as far as to admit he might quite like her But then one terrible night, Blue is stolen and an ugly fairy changeling is left in her place With his Mum and Dad wrapped up in grief, and his Great grandpa far too old for adventures, it falls to Tam to venture to the land of Faery, return the changeling and win back Blue But it is a hazardous journey, and Tam must keep his wits about him as he crosses the Sapphire lake, does battle with the castle nightmares and finally confronts the King and Queen of the fairies This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here mp3 workaday Younger.A changeling baby means a trip into fairy for 9 year old Tam I am absolutely in love with this book The writing style is great and the plot is super interesting I would prefer this to The little prince anytime.

About the Author: Berlie Doherty

Berlie Doherty n e Hollingsworth is an English novelist, poet, playwright and screenwriter She is best known for children s books, for which she has twice won the Carnegie Medal.She has also written novels for adults, plays for theatre and radio, television series and libretti for children s opera.

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