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Parking Lot Rules & 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children How Do You Raise Amazing Children How Do You Teach Them To Be Kind And Honest, Insightful And Inquisitive, Athletic And Curious, Loving And Thoughtful How Do You Give Your Child The Courage To Be A Good Sport, A Good Sibling, A Good Friend, A Good Person When Tom Sturges Became A Father, He Wanted To Be The Greatest Father Who Ever Walked The Earth I Wanted To Be So Much Than A Casual Observer Of My Son S Life As It Went By Me So Sturges Asked A Lot Of Questions He Picked Up Ideas, Advice, And Tips From Parents, Grandparents, Even Rock Stars And Sports Legends Anyone Who Had Unique Insights To Share The Result Is This Practical, Inspiring Rule Book For Raising Healthy, Happy, Safe, Cherished Children Philosophical, Sensible, And Empowering, These 76 Ideas Subscribe To A Simple Premise It Is Impossible To Respect A Child Too Much, But It Is Worth The Effort To Try The Rules Are Organized Into Seven Fields, Arranged By Subject, And Will Help Parents, Mentors, Coaches, And Anyone Who Has Children, To Deal With An Array Of Situations In A Kind, Respectful, And Encouraging Way EVERYDAY Let Your Children Feel Welcome And Loved From The First Moment He Or She Walks Into A Room Smile When You See Him Rule 4 And Leave No Doubt That, At That Moment, Your Child Is The Most Important Person In Your World COMMUNICATING Since Yelling Parents Intimidate, And A Calm Tone Inspires, When You Get Upset, Whisper Rule 22 And Make Sure Your Message Is Heard MANNERS MATTERS Follow The Bill Walton Rule, Rule 34 And If You Can T Be On Time, Be Early NO LOST CHILDREN When A Family Or Group Travels Together, Obey The Caboose Rule Rule 43 By Assigning An Adult Or Older Child To Keep Up The Rear And Ensure That No Little Ones Lag Behind DISCIPLINES AND PUNISHMENTS The 10 Second Rule Rule 49 Prescribes The Minimum Amount Of Time You Should Wait Before Thinking About Punishing Your Child For That D In English PAIN HAPPENS, NOW WHAT After Your Child Experiences A Little Cut, Bump, Or Scrape, Say Squeeze My Hand As Much As It Hurts Rule 62 It Is Remarkable How Their Being Able To Show You Will Help To Ease His Or Her Pain PLAY SPORTS, PERIOD When Your Children Accomplish Something Great In Their Sports, Using The ESPN Rule, Rule 67 Tell The Story In Intimate Detail And Fill Them With The Belief That They Can Do It Again And Again From The Hardcover Edition. Fairly hit or miss The first third of the book has some good advice, but the latter sections feel rather thin If you re a single dad who s obsessed with sports, this may very well be the perfect book for you For the rest of us, it leaves a lot to be desired For instance, there s no discussion of raising children with a spouse or grandparents in the picture The tone comes across a bit sanctimonious and unrealistic Sturges gives us a lot of rules that should never be broken fair enough But over the thousands of days you re going to spend with your child you will falter now and again There s no discussion of how to reduce the number mistakes we make or how to talk to your child about how parents make mistakes once in a while you simply should never have erred in the first place The hard line approach the book offers has an unappealing whiff of religious zealotry Nevertheless there is some good here, and it s certainly a quick read probably only a couple hours I d recomm Divorced dad of two sons, executive, coach, and teacher Tom Sturges wrote a collection of parenting rules to live by The book contains some worthwhile tidbits, such as 3 Grow the tree you ve got your child might not be exactly what you get, but love him or her for their own unique personality4 Smile when you see them greet your child with love and affection5 Once seen, never unseen protect your child from seeing unpleasant or traumatic things that will scar them for life this is why we kept our then 5 year old son from all news media after 9 11 6 Treat her like your boss treat your child with goodwill and the benefit of the doubt, just as you would your boss22 When you get upset, whisper it carries than yelling33 Thank you notes we are big believers in thank you notes in our household 45 Your child has to know where you are switch the responsibility by advising your child to keep his or her eye on you at all times But here s what I didn t like The obsession with sports a whole chapter of parenting tips related to sports The sanctimonious atti One might wonder why a mother of three would pick up this book I wondered that myself at first But with my older two kids just a couple short years from hitting their tween phase, and with my littlest one being a spunky, hot tempered little thing who s quite different from how her older siblings were when they were babies, I thought it would be good to read this book for various reasons 1 to see how my parenting measures up to the principles in this book and 2 to see if I could do something different or better.As it turns out, much of how I had already felt about parenting is echoed in this book, but my style of parenting could be pushed further by the main, overall principle, which is to above all, respect your child and to teach him her what that respect means The principles reiterate a language of understanding and empathy be a good listener, be a good storyteller, hug lots, and be encouraging Not only is this good for the parent, but if done properly and effectively, the child will mirror these actions and learn the importance of this principle in terms of everyday l I can see how a certain type of parent might find this book helpful, however, I am not that type of parent The author of this book has a child rearing philosophy centered on the idea the the parent is the ultimate authority whose job it is to make the children into something the parent thinks is ideal Tom Sturges is always the teacher and is always right I admit that Sturges does scratch the surface of an important topic treating your kids with respect He doesn t go far enough in my opinion Surges gets lost because he sees his kids a a part of himself He can t see that they are individuals with individual personalities, and assumes that they have motives and abilities that they may not have His kids seem to have so many rules and hedges built around them that they cannot ever hope to find their own limits the kids are so hedged in by wh

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