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The Comic Book Story of Beer: The World's Favorite Beverage from 7000 BC to Today's Craft Brewing Revolution A Full Color, Lushly Illustrated Graphic Novel That Recounts The Many Layered Past And Present Of Beer Through Dynamic Pairings Of Pictures And Meticulously Researched Insight Into The History Of The World S Favorite BrewStarting From About , BC, The Comic Book Story Of Beer Traces Beer S Influence Through World History, Encapsulating Early Man S Experiments With Fermentation, The Rise And Fall Of Ancient Rome, The Often Beer Related Factors That Led Europe Out Of The Dark Ages, The Age Of Exploration, The Spread Of Capitalism, The Reformation, And On Up To The Contemporary Explosion Of Craft Brewing No Book Has Ever Told The Story Of Beer In A Graphic Format As A Liberating Or Emancipating Force That Improved The Life Of Everyday People Visually Riffing On Abstract Subjects Like Pasteurization, Original Gravity, And Lagering, Artist Aaron McConnell Has A Flair For Cinematic Action And Demonstrates Versatility In Depicting Characters And Episodes From Beer S Rich History Hand Drawn In A Classic, Accessible Style, The Comic Book Story Of Beer Makes A Great Gift, And Will Appeal To The Most Avid Comic Book Geek And Those Who Live For Beer

About the Author: Jonathan Hennessey

Can t imagine your life without fiction Can t imagine your life without nonfiction Then you re a lot like me I often find nothingentertaining than some scrupulously researched historical account and no better learning experience than a thoroughly made up from whole cloth story.So I read and write both often in deep dives into the fascinating backgrounds of everyday people and everyday things And I marvel constantly at the many ways how writing efforts in one genre inspire, sharpen, and elevate the quality of work in the other Whatever knack for storytelling I might be said to have makes my books on history like The U.S Constitution A Graphic Adaptationcaptivating, engaging, and accessible And at the same time, I plow the best of the best of my research discoveries into the characters, settings, themes, and scenarios of my narrative material If you check out my time travel turned inside out epic, Epochalypse, I hope you ll agree you would have to look pretty hard for afully realized and diverse milieu in the time travel story universe.I was born to a military family on a U.S Army base in New England and raised, like many, in a town steeped in American history This I only came to fully appreciate as an adult when I came boomeranging back to an interest in politics, actual people, and the real world after an extended, hazy interregnum of fantasy novels, gaming, comic books, video games, and anime When not writing or reading I m heavily into cycling preferably for transportation or travel rather than speed , films, hunting for seasonal waterfalls in the nearby California foothills with or without a pocket full of podcasts , chasing down hard to find craft sodas, or swooning over vintage graphic design in some slightly downtrodden but capacious Midwestern antique mall Find outat jonathanhennessey.com, where you can join an email list for respectfully infrequent and non invasive updates about new projects and releases.

10 thoughts on “The Comic Book Story of Beer: The World's Favorite Beverage from 7000 BC to Today's Craft Brewing Revolution

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    Informative, apparently well researched, passionate, and nicely illustrated This is everything I could ask for in graphic nonfiction I have to imagine that this would be an evenexciting read for people who drink beer, especially those who are interested in craft beers I m neither, just a history nerd with a special interest in the history of food and beverage For me, this book was lar

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    This graphic novel is a wonderful love letter to beer The story is written with the passion that only a true beer lover can have about the subject This is a very in depth history going from prehistory to today While I wasn t worried because I m the kind of guy that likes dry histories, I was pleasantly surprised at how engrossing and readable this graphic novel is I honestly couldn t put it do

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    The very existence of this graphic novel fascinates me With the popularity of craft brews, I can see the general interest in the material, but why a graphic novel I m not complaining, just curious I actually don t drink beer Something about the basic flavor just puts me off I ve tried quite a few over the years, but never found one from which it was worth takingthan a polite sip or two I do love comics

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    This review is based on an ARC copy from NetGalley.Love love love this book There s no doubt that craft beer is super popular at the moment, so whether your e a beer drinker or just interested in pop culture, this book is for you I know reading a book on the history of one specific thing sounds very dry and tedious, but this book never bored me and never felt like a chore to read In fact, the illustrations and

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    Many thanks to NetGalley and Ten Speed Press for a digital Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for my review.Don t let the fun comics format lull you into thinking this is simply a light romp about drinking beer Sure, that may be where it starts, but it is so muchThis is a history book, complete with footnotes and references a few are in the book, but the full list of chapter notes can be found on their website and an ind

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    Someone sent this to me at the time I marked my fourth decennial, but didn t pop a card or return address in there, so they remain safely anonymous whereas I remain fucking forty So, thanks, yo, whoever you are As I don t know anything about brewing, I can t comment on the presentation of the production process or the history of different varieties lambics, doppel, porter, c Cool, though, that beer does in fact have a history I

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    I went into this one with high hopes, but it left me disappointed for four reasons 1 It spends far too much time trying to prove to the reader how important beer is I d rather haveinformation and less of a sales pitch 2 The first section about early beer is mostly mythology along with stories that even the book admits are probably false Why even have this in the book if you know it s probably not true 3 It feels like it s lacking in info

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    A VERY detailed history of beer At times it was a little slow, but overall a good read I learned a lot and the illustrations were superb.

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    Beautifully drawn and entertaining At times it took some strange asides that I did not entirely follow Otherwise, very educational.

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    Delightfully refreshing, with a charming and strong finish, this Comic Book Story of Beer ranks high with all of our tastersand you can see where I m going with this Seriously, though packed with solid, documented history and clearly marking simple assertions and conjecture when they occur and lushly illustrated, this is one of thefun histories of anything you will likely ever read.

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