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The Concubine In This Pregnant Silence, With Nothing In The Air But The Echoes Of Our Spent Passion Fusing With The Sweet Scent Of Summer Night, I Feel Foolish For Loving You The Absurdity Of It Is A Blow Right Between To My Battered Heart A Concubine In Love With Her King He Rescued Her From A Fate Worse Than Death And Claimed Her As His Own In The Vast Norian Palace, She Is Made Concubine, One Of Many And Is Taught How To Please The Mighty Norian King She Knows She Must Keep Her Heart Guarded, But How Can She When His Very Touch Sustains Her Soul When A Simple Kiss From His Lips Evokes A Burning Desire That Threatens To Burn Her Alive He Is Everything To Her, But In Her Shadowed Affections, Bound As She Is To Him, She Has Little Choice But To Share Him The Countless Women In His Life In Her Shadowed Affections, Bound As She Is To Him, Her Heart Burns Every Time She Must Share Him With The Many Women In His Life

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    I wasn t sure about reading this one at first, I admit the blurb scared me, but I was very curious and intrigued at the same time I finally succumbed and WOW.After reading it, I wondered why I waited for so long This book is intense, full of angst and heartache, I LOVED IT I actually read it a few months back, but it is still ingrained in my memory

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    4.5 Stars In her shadowed affections, bound as she is to him, her heart burns every time she must share him with the many women in his life. Oh wow The story is told through Lealin s thoughts, she is the king s favourite concubine written in a kinda narrative poem style and I m digging it Brings out the poet in me lol It is a refreshing change.I didn t expec

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    PHENOMENAL I must add my two cents I know there are plenty of book snobs out there that will only read a third person narrative but this book was excellent The story is told from Lealin s perspective, the concubine of King Marik The writing style was different, easy to follow and the writingoh my word I need a tissue Ms Phal has a way with her words and in this piece

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    This was a quick, angst filled read I enjoyed it, but it was in serious need of some editing The number of grammatical errors was astounding, although my version is quite old and newer versions may have been editedthoroughly.My heart went out to Lea Shunned by the King she loved, only to become the object of obsession for the cruel man that would overthrow him, she went from on

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    I really enjoyed this story, surprising since it was written in present tense, which I would normally avoid The sample pulled me in and for the next couple of hours I was riveted, loathed to move as I turned the electronic pages to see what would happen next And boy, does a lot happen in this novella It takes place over a period ofthan five years and is filled with lies, betrayal, and mu

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    4.5 What a pleasant surprise this was Despite being a short novella, it really packed on the intensity and emotions The book does have lots of editing errors which is a shame But despite that I couldn t put it down, really enjoyed it and absolutely loved the story Thanks Ash for the rec Mwah

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    I love the way the story is told in almost journal like fashion The Concubine, Leilan is hopelessly in love with her master slaver lover and King Marik You can feel the emotions she has for him Her words are beautiful, heart breaking and sorrowful She knows that he has others and is married, twice later on in the story but she also knows that she is his favorite He proudly shows her off to his court Circums

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    4.5 stars

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    I want MORE Book 2 or novella anything review to follow o

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    3.5 to 4 StarsI wasn t sure how I felt about this book at first It s definitely a scorcher and has loads of potential, but it needs a thorough edit, mostly for streamlining of content I don t read very many historical romances, if that s what this is The story takes place in the fictional Norian Kingdom and is about a passionate affair between a King Marik and his beloved concubine Lealin The book is a lyrical letter from Lealin to Mari

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