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Ravensmoot: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction In this debut anthology of speculative fiction short stories, Fox Raven Publishing presents a smorgasbord of delectable tales In an eclectic mix of horror, fantasy, dystopian dreampunk and all too real thrillers, ravensmoot exhibits some of the best new writing in the genreWith a cartel of South African, Ugandan, British and American writers, ravensmoot promises to delight readers looking for powerful writing that isn t afraid to push the boundaries of their respective genres

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    With the publishing industry in such a state of flux, it s lovely to see South African small presses step forward to take an active interest in speculative fiction In this anthology, Marius du Plessis has gathered six outstanding authors from around the globe, in

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    Since I reviewed all the titles included in this anthology individually, here re my thoughts Passing Visions by Martin John StokesPassing Visions is about a psychologist is pulled into the sadness and horror of his patient s life James is trying to be a normal teenager, b

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    For starters, if you re looking for character development don t bother here instead you should berate yourself for not making this discovery sooner The variety of the stories included in Ravensmoot fill enough boundaries and expectations plot, context, etc to satisfy some of you c

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