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Coupage Coupage A Blood Nation Novel The Vampire Empire was straining to crown a new Lord Emperor now the lost Royal Bloodline had been re discovered Factions of monarchists and status quo were growling at each other while the rest of the Blood Nations watched with trepidation over the outcome Little did the Vampire Nation know that their longed for leader was a little than expected The Brotherhood is contained in a single form Xavier was the main face of the House of Drachenfeld both rational and decisive Sex was unbridled energy with a quick understanding of the situation and an even faster resolution and Azrael was cool planning, immovable resolve as the First of Assassins The Brothers had figured out a schedule to their satisfaction and were confident that they were carefully hidden from the outside world or, so they thought Then another ancient entity, with its own agenda, finally decided that enough was enough and began to make its way back to the Vampire World

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    I was trying to decide between a 4 and a 5, because I got distracted partway through, thinking it wasn t as gripping as the previous books, then I got right back into it I also love, love, looove the characters, so 5 stars it is I can t wait for the next book Yeah, baby, sign me up and strap me in forof my multi personality babes

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    Great Novel Wow, just ammazing book I have been waiting for this book to come out and was not disappointed The author keeps you guessing at what is going to happened I can t for part 5I was si excited for this book I bought it through nook then realized I needed it on my kindle I will be buying the paper back next

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    Always amazingI was blown away The series just keeps getting better and keeps surprising me at every turn I cannot wait for the next.

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    Love this seriesWhile I liked the confrontation with Liam, I have to admit that I feel underwhelmed with how things with both Liam and Cillian turned out Perhaps they will have a fun role to play in the next bookI m a bit confused about X s power surges why does he have to go from supercharged to completely empty every time Is it just something that he ll learn to control as he gains experience Or will

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    You must read Cake, Cinder Cinnamon before reading this novel TRUST ME it won t be a problem If anything you ll be upset once you finish this latest book in the series Why Because the next book Caramel isn t completed yet Fantasy, magic, vampires with lots and lots of action and sex Buckle up because this book will definitely keep you up at night You must read Cake, Cinder Cinnamon before reading this novel

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    My favourite so far This really was the best one yet So many ups and downs, I was on edgethan once I feel like these books should come with complimentary massages because I was so tense the whole way through reading it I m so happy that the brotherhood got some backbone in this one I m so excited to see what comes next

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    I ve enjoyed the series so far, after a bit of a rough start in getting over some of the content With this book though, I ve found that I had to stop reading and take breaks quite frequently to make sure that I m following along correctly I m currently taking a break from the book entirely as the first few chapters have been so riddled with typos and other errors that s it s actually hard to follow what s happening T

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