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Ink (Paper Gods, #1) EPUB Ink Paper Gods, 1 Author Amanda Sun Paletterie2000.eu Ink Is In Their Blood.On The Heels Of A Family Tragedy, Katie Greene Must Move Halfway Across The World Stuck With Her Aunt In Shizuoka, Japan, Katie Feels Lost Alone She Doesn T Know The Language, She Can Barely Hold A Pair Of Chopsticks And She Can T Seem To Get The Hang Of Taking Her Shoes Off Whenever She Enters A Building.When Katie Meets Aloof But Gorgeous Tomohiro, The Star Of The School S Kendo Team, She Is Intrigued By Himand A Little Scared His Tough Attitude Seems Meant To Keep Her At A Distance, And When They Re Near Each Other, Strange Things Happen Pens Explode Ink Drips From Nowhere And Unless Katie Is Seeing Things, Drawings Come To Life.Somehow Tomo Is Connected To The Kami, Powerful Ancient Beings Who Once Ruled Japan And As Feelings Develop Between Katie And Tomo, Things Begin To Spiral Out Of Control The Wrong People Are Starting To Ask Questions, And If They Discover The Truth, No One Will Be Safe.

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    This book broke my heart Not in the way you might think, though.I ve become very familiar with a certain concept that much of YA has been using lately The same concept that I discussed in my review of Reboot by Amy Tintera It s when a book takes a gimmick a brilli

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    Completely LOVED this book If you ve ever watched a Japanese drama, you know exactly what to expect Cute bad boys, a gutsy girl, silly friends, and DRAMA Throw in a paranormal twist and you ve got a blockbuster It was so authentic too, this author obviously lived and breath

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    A little while ago, forsaking my credit card bill, and the fact that I work 25 hours a week at minimum waaaahhhhhhhggUgh, I should just stop In the last six months or so I began throwing handfuls of copper coins at things like potato scones and cigarettes and 40 Ryanair flights to my

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I can t believe I have it in me to hate a fictional character s actions this much.I know a lot of people are super excited about this book.I m here to help you with that problem.Ok, so you re a white girl in Asia Y

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    Beautiful.evenbeautifuli m crying now.amazing.Tomo Excuse me for a moment as I squeal my lungs out This book was awe inspiring, awesome, funny, you name it Ink stars a foreign girl named Katie who moves to Japan There, she tries to fit in with her surroundings, whether it s actions, language or people A

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    I actually thought it was illegal for a novel with a cover this good to be so painful Illegal But when I checked with my lawyer, she said I should get out unless I was going to pay her and I am definitely not going to pay her Pfft So I m still not sure about that But what I am sure about is that Amanda Sun has a

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    I ve been really wondering if I read the right book or if I somehow got sent a different book on accident It s seems like the most logical explanation for this failure I read The real INK just can t be this bad, right right The reason INK was so bad was because it was so average There wasn t anything unique about it other

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    Roughly fifteen or ten years ago, an entire generation of youngsters discovered that cartoons and comics from Japan were the new thing to go crazy over, thanks to various TV networks running anime throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, and the Pok mon boom in 1997 certainly didn t hinder it any I know I was there.That generation has

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    This started out as a pretty good book I liked the setting, I love Japanese culture and yes I watch J and K dramas so I was hoping this one will shape out as one of them But cooler Don t judge me The author did a very good job with the feel of the culture and people At least at the beginning of the book I wanted to have a better description o

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    I am not going to lie, Ink may as well be the one of the best debut titles of 2013, if not the very best It has everything, EVERYTHING I didn t know I was looking for so badly Mixing the old with the new, Ink gives us the dangerous heart stopping tale we always crave in a completely new setting that involves paper gods, kendo clubs, and sizzling Japane

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