Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers

Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s TheNew York Times bestselling author of Sweetness delivers the first all encompassing account of the s Los Angeles Lakers, one of professional sports most revered and dominant dynasties The Los Angeles Lakers of the s personified the flamboyance and excess of the decade over which they reigned Beginning with the arrival of Earvin Magic Johnson as the number one overall pick of thedraft, the Lakers played basketball with gusto and pizzazz, unleashing their famed Showtime run and gun style on a league unprepared for their speed and ferocity and became the most captivating show in sports and, arguably, in all around American entertainment The Lakers roster overflowed with exciting all star caliber players, including center Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and they were led by the incomparable Pat Riley, known for his slicked back hair, his Armani suits, and his arrogant strut Hollywood s biggest celebrities lined the court and gorgeous women flocked to the arena Best of all, the team was a winner Betweenand , the Lakers played in an unmatched nine NBA championship series, capturing five of them Bestselling sportswriter Jeff Pearlman draws from almost three hundred interviews to take the first full measure of the Lakers epic Showtime era A dazzling account of one of America s greatest sports sagas, Showtime is packed with indelible characters, vicious rivalries, and jaw dropping, behind the scenes stories of the players decadent Hollywood lifestyles From the Showtime era s remarkable rise to its tragic end marked by Magic Johnson sannouncement that he had contracted HIV Showtime is a gripping narrative of sports, celebrity, and s style excess

About the Author: Jeff Pearlman

Jeff Pearlman is an American sports writer He has written two books about baseball and was the author of the infamous John Rocker interview in Sports Illustrated In October 2011 he released his fifth book, a biography of Walter Payton titled, Sweetness The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton It spent four weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list.Pearlman was born and raised in Mahopac, New York He got his start in journalism in 1989, when he interned at a weekly newspaper in Cross River, entitled The Patent Trader After graduating from the University of Delaware, he was hired as a food and fashion writer by The Tennessean in Nashville In 1996, Pearlman was hired by Sports Illustrated, where he spent nearly seven years as a baseball writer.In 2002, Pearlman left Sports Illustrated and spent the next two years at Newsday, but left to focus on writing books He also keeps an unusually personal online blog, where he posts a weekly QA series, The Quaz, with athletes, politicians, actors, singers and many random people He was a frequent contributor to s Page 2, then as a columnist for No stranger to controversy, Pearlman used his own website as a forum to call out the overzealous missionary goals of Tim Tebow s father as pretty evil In the fall of 2007, Pearlman wrote several controversial articles on Page 2 regarding the lack of a rivalry between the University of Delaware s and Delaware State University s football teams The University of Delaware and Delaware State finally played a football game on November 23, 2007 at part of the NCAA Division I FCS playoffs Delaware won the game with a score of 44 7.

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    Here s an overview of what I learned from the book Magic Johnson basically ran that team throughout the 80 s and could get whatever he wanted, including a cheeseburger from Jack Kent Cooke Jerry Buss loved younger women and had a libido on par with Hugh Hefner Jerry West likes to swear a lot Kurt Rambis enjoyed

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    4.5 stars Solid, well written overview of the greatest team of the greatest era in professional basketball I m a lifelong Lakers fan and I read, watch, and listen to almost anything Lakers related, so perhaps my review should be taken with a grain of salt Many of the stories here have been told before, but Pearlman manag

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    4.5 stars.I enjoyed this book from the very first page It doesn t matter if you like the Lakers or not, this is a great read about the 80s Lakers Lots of stories you may or may not know, and I thoroughly enjoyed how the personal stories of those involved were weaved in to fit chronologically as well as to tell you what was happen

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    Audiobook Decided to give this book a try when I came across it In basketball, I am a Houston Rockets fan through and through, but I can appreciate great teams and talent In the history of the NBA, you cannot mention the great teams in its history without talking about the Los Angeles Lakers teams of the 1980s Given the nickname Showtime

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    Once again a great book by Jeff Pearlman, possibly my favorite and he s done a bunch of good ones such as The Bad Guys Won on the 1986 Mets, Sweetness on Walter Payton and Boys Will Be Boys on the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s This book is about the Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s Included in this very detailed book are stories about Magic Johnson,

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    This iwas pretty good As a kid growing up in Los Angeles during the 80s and 90s, I was all about Showtime Magic, Coop, Kareem, Rambis The machinations behind the personnel moves, the interactions, and the mentalities of the men who made all that happen are laid out in great detail Things I didn t know, things I expected, timelines I only vaguely remember n

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    I enjoyed this book during the 2016 NBA Finals In some ways, Golden State s small ball run n gun is like a throwback to the early 80 s Lakers There is much time and paradigm difference between them, though The three pointer was a novelty in the 1980s and it s hard to imagine coaches and pundits so blindly unaware of the inefficiency on offense back then When you ha

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    Jeff Pearlman has carved out a nice little niche for himself chronicling thesordid off the field aspects of some of the most beloved teams and athletes of yesterday From Sweetness, a very complicated portrait of Walter Payton that pulled no punches, to books such as Boys Will Be Boys covering the athletic, litigious, and criminal exploits of the 1990s Cowboys and their staf

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    ARC provided by LibraryThing early reviewsDuring the 1980 s the sports world was dominated by one team The Los Angeles Lakers Led by number one pick Earvin Magic Johnson, featuring Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and led by slicked back hair, Armani suit strutting Pat Reily, the team played in nine NBA championship series over eleven years winning five of them The Lakers became known for their

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    I have loved every book that Jeff Pearlman has written This one is no different I grew up as a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers This book tells you how the Lakers became THE dominant team of the NBA and how they, along with the Boston Celtics, saved the NBA.The book begins with the Lakers in 1979 beginning with the drafting of Magic Johnson Showtime began with Magic The book fittingly ends with

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