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Črna mati zemla AN AMNESIAC WRITER S LIFE OF LIES AND FALSE MEMORIES REACHES A BREAKING POING IN THIS STUNNING ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEBUT FROM AN AWARD WINNING CROATIAN AUTHORAs a novelist, Matija makes things up for a living Not yet thirty, he s written two well received books It s his third that is as big a failure as his private life Unable to confine his fabrications to fiction, he s been abandoned by his girlfriend over his lies But all Matija has is invention Especially when it comes to his childhood and the death of his father Whatever happened to Matija as a young boy, he can t remember He feels frightened, angry, and responsibleNow, after years of burying and reinventing his past, Matija must confront it Longing for connection, he might even win back the love of his life But discovering the profound fears he has suppressed has its risks Finally seeing the real world he emerged from could upend it all over again Kristian Novak PBrilliance Publishing, Inc all rights reserved Translationby Ellen Elias Bursac

About the Author: Kristian Novak

Kristian Novak is a Croatian writer, linguist and university professor He was born into a family of Croatian migrant workers in Germany, but spent his childhood and youth in a small village in Me imurje, the most northern part of Croatia.He moved to Zagreb, to college in 1997.He was standard member of the Croatian karate national team from 1996 to 2009, winning a range of individual and team awards at national and global championships In 2006 he was European Vice Champion His first novel, Obje eni The Hanged was published in 2005, but received no significant reception.Dark Mother Earth 2013 , his second novel, won The Tportal prize for Croatian novel of the year and is hailed as one of the best Croatian novels in the last 50 years The novel was adapted for the stage with great success A film adaptation is in progress as well with award winning Slovenian director Rok Bi ek , with Novak as co screenwriter His third novel, Gypsy, yet so Beautiful 2016 gained him a second Tportal award, as well as two further prestigious national awards, Gjalski and Fran Galovi It was succesfully adapted for the stage as well Croatian National Theater, Zagreb , and a television series based on the novel is in preparation.He is married, father of two He lives in Zagreb.

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    As the title implies, this is an extremely dark book Warnings for suicide and child abuse As our main character struggles with his relationship, he begins to confront his past One that he completely fabricated to the point even he had no idea what was true As the story mo

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    I think this was a really interesting and well written story, but there were a couple things that I just couldn t get past I hate violence to animals and child sexual abuse, and this book had both The writer is such a great, vivid writer, and so there are a couple of images that I

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    Finished reading January 6th 2020 DNF at 31% 95 pages At a time when no one but Matija Dolen ec cared about this, he was prepared to do almost anything to write onegood story A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley andCrossing in exchange for an honest review Thank you v

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    Thanks Netgalley for the chance to read this.However, I had to DNF as the story didn t make sense, didn t connect me not even from the beginning The story is all scrambled and moved so slowly that at the 25% I just couldn t and didn t want to keep investing my time on this story that I was not enjo

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    It took me a little while to get into Dark Mother Earth, unsure at first where the story was going The turning point for me was when Matija began to delve into his past From that moment, the book gripped me and I was keen to turn each page and find out what would happen next Overall, this book presented an

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    via my blog When one person took their life, the disease was theirs alone When four people took their lives, the whole village was afflicted Successful Croatian author Matija s creativity, born out of a disconnect from the torment of his past, seems to have abandoned him His third book is a failure, nothing is going

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    Ftlj V 2019PROS Predivan, bogat me imurski govorbriljantni dijelovi o vezi Matije i Dine dosta originalnog humora pomije anog s ironijom, gor inom i surovom stvarno u92 o nadimcima gr88888888888888141 grimeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gr88888888888888132 THIS IS SOME FCKED UPPP BUT GR8888 ORIGINAL SHTTTTTTTTTTTneopisivo jaka i unparalele

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    I know I said how captivating this book was, but I think I may have either jinxed it or spoken too soon For the first while, this book was captivating And I honestly feel guilty about marking it as DNF because I feel like the beginning of this book was so good and so promising that I want to see if it ended with the same amount of in

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    I struggled a bit to get into this book, I believe, because there is not the kind of folklore here in Canada that is heavily present in this book However, I did thoroughly appreciate it, and the deep emotions displayed throughout the whole story To the point I needed to take some pauses to regain my own emotions from the pure rage Matija has

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    Quite scary book Really well described how a child can deal and understand a loss, feelings of guilt and fear Due to specific language used, I cannot really picture a translation in any other language than Slovene Makes you want to readfrom this author.

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