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The Fire Rose Beauty Meets Beast in San FranciscoAccepting employment as a governess after hard times hit her family, medieval scholar Rosalind Hawkins is surprised when she learns that her mysterious employer has no children, no wife, and she is not to meet with him face to face Instead, her duties are to read to him, through a speaking tube, from ancient manuscripts in obscure, nearly forgotten dialectsA requirement for the job was skill in translating medieval French, and she now understands the reason for that requirement, and assumes her unseen employer s interest in the descriptions of medieval spells and sorcery is that of an eccentric antiquary What she does not realize is that his interest is anything but academic He has a terrible secret and is desperately searching for something that can reverse the effects of the misfired spell which created his predicament

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    This adaptation of Beauty and the Beast cuts out the merchant father and sisters mourning their sudden impoverishment Instead of a formerly wealthy beauty, our heroine is the recently orphaned daughter of a professor Highly educated herself, but lacking family or funds, she perforce accepts a position as a governess in far away California B

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    Hadn t read Lackey before, but she s prolific, and some reviews are very positive, so I was looking forward to her take on Beauty and the Beast in historic San Francisco What a disappointment For those who want romance, there is not so much as a kiss despite the HEA wedding no great loss, since I dislike the hero, Jason Cameron I hadrespect

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    You know the old cliche of something being so bad it is good Some cliches and stereotypes got started in the first place for a good reason They say that to indicate the bad stuff you enjoy that gives you indigestion afterwards Well, The Fire Rose is almost so bad it s good and then so bad it s back to being plain old bad again Throwing up you

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    I was wonderfully surprised by this book I thought it might a retailing of the Beauty and the Beast story, but I was very surprised by the ending It is the story of Rose Hawkins and Jason Cameron Jason had invoked, through pride, a powerful spell that transformed him into part wolf Rose is hired to help him translate ancient text, for he is lo

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    The Fire Rose, by Mercedes LackeyDo NOT judge this book by its cover The Fire Rose is a gem, a masterful retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story.The Beauty is Rose Hawkins, a booksmart Chicago native working toward a doctorate at university The Beast is Jason Cameron, a San Francisco rail baron, and a man trapped by hubris in the body of a

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    She might be stepping off into the unknown, but it was not with a sense of adventure.No shit And yes, that s all I m gonna say, because The Fire Rose was so utterly meh that I have nothing to add.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Hmm.An all right read, but definitely not lacking in problems I can t even really say what I did like about it, besides the fact that I was entertained The problems though1 The cover I know, I know, don t judge a book by its cover This one is seriously fug though.2 Vi

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    I love this book It s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, set in San Francisco just prior to the Great Earthquake of 1906 As always, her characters are so real that I felt like they were friends immediately smiling with them, nodding when they talked You just get drawn right into this time and these people I love this book It s a retelling of Bea

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    Should I even get into the one dimensional Paul du Mond The entire book, I was waiting for him to tie Rosalind to Cameron s railroad tracks, and then twist his mustache while laughing mockingly MWAH ha ha ha haaaa It s the only cliche the author missed including.I loved Mercedes Lackey in college but sometime in my 30s I became tired of her simplis

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    I was excited as hell when I saw that Lackey had done a fairy tale retelling, as I tend to like her work, and I love fairy tale retellings However, I found this book rather a disappointment Robin McKinley is 100 timestalented at the retelling, and honestly, I don t think Lackey put her best effort into this.A decent read, but not really worth the ef

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