The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest

The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made From the actor who lived through the most improbable Hollywood success story, with an award winning narrative nonfiction writer, comes the inspiring, fascinating and laugh out loud story of a mysteriously wealthy outsider who sundered every road block in the Hollywood system to achieve success on his own terms the making of The Room, the Citizen Kane of bad movies Entertainment WeeklyIn , an independent film called The Room written, produced, directed, and starring a very rich social misfit of indeterminate age and origin named Tommy Wiseau made its disastrous debut in Los Angeles Described by one reviewer as like getting stabbed in the head, themillion film earned a grand total of , at the box office and closed after two weeks Now in its tenth anniversary year, The Room is an international phenomenon to rival The Rocky Horror Picture Show Thousands of fans wait in line for hours to attend screenings complete with costumes, audience rituals, merchandising, and thousands of plastic spoonsReaders need not have seen The Room to appreciate its costar Greg Sestero s account of how Tommy Wiseau defied every law of artistry, business, and interpersonal relationships to achieve the dream only he could love While it does unravel mysteries for fans, The Disaster Artist is than just an hilarious story about cinematic hubris It is ultimately a surprisingly inspiring tour de force that reads like a page turning novel, an open hearted portrait of a supremely enigmatic man who will capture your heart

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    Ha ha ha What a story, Mark.

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    For those of you who aren t familiar with The Room, it is a glorious piece of American cinema directed, written, and produced by the handsome devil Tommy Wiseau who also plays the lead role in the film, naturally Okay, okay So basically, this film is often regarded as being one of the absolute worst movies of all time Maybe only rivaled by the equally ridicul

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    This was a fascinating book about the making of the worst movie I have ever seen, The Room And in reading this book I learned that The Room was made with all seriousness and not as, like, a parody of a bad movie At the center of the narrative is Tommy Wiseau, a man who is secretive about his past, and everything in his life but who also wants to be a star, who wan

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    Optimal mental health if such a thing there be probably lies somewhere roundabout midway on the self awareness continuum, but often without thinking, people assume that not giving a fuck what other people think is a sort of modern virtue, suggesting confidence, strength of character, and if nothing else the sheer convenience of living only for oneself If we stop and sc

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    In 2003, a movie called The Room opened in Los Angeles The film a drama about a woman Lisa who betrays her fianc Johnny with his best friend Mark was written, directed, and financed by Tommy Wiseau, who also stars as Johnny The movie, often called one of the worst films ever made , garnered less than 2,000 in it s initial run and looked like it was headed for the movie junk

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    Tommy Wiseau is a weird, weird dude who spent 6 million of his own money to make a terrible, terrible movie.

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    No book has ever made me laugh as hard and as often as this one did.

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    This review was originally written for and posted at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography s site Again, I preordered this bad boy well before I knew I d be writing about it for anyone other than myself and GR In the long running tradition of so bad it s good entertainment, 2003 s The Room is a fairly recent but impressively groan worthy addition Its low budget approach to vis

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    I can remember when I was living in Los Angeles and seeing a billboard advertising for The Room movie, and there being an RSVP with a phone number The billboard was there forever, but I had forgotten about it until I ordered the DVD online and saw the same image on the cover It was funny to learn that Tommy Wiseau whom the story is mostly centered on paid for this prime billboard spot for five

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    I was going to write a full review of this, but really everything I has to say boils down to the following list of directions.One Watch the movie The Room IMMEDIATELY Two Read this book.Three See The Disaster Artist Bonus points if you choose to listen to either of the How Did This Get Made podcast episodes about it Double bonus points if you, like me, develop a crush on Jason Mantzoukas following

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