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Negotiator of Worlds Liam Is A Boy Born With Special Powers What Exactly Those Powers Are For, Only Though The Course Of His First Eighteen Years Will He Come To Fully Understand He Is To Become A Negotiator When He Comes Of Age, He Must Also Become A Man To Fulfill His Duties, Be The Person He Was Created To Be Only Then Can He Avert An All Out War Between Humanity And A Technologically Advanced Alien Race The Only Problem With Liam Being Able To Accomplish All He Can Be, Is Liam Himself Can He Overcome His Own Failings Or Will He Fail, As Many Have Before Him

About the Author: Mark Alders

I live in Melbourne, Victoria, in the land of Oz According to my own Teenage mis adventures, I am just an ordinary guy with a penis which likes to get me into trouble a lot I ve seduced trees, copulated with watermelons, and had nice old ladies pick ants off my naked body Yep, that s me Mark Alders All round nice guy and with my brain firmly in my pants, exactly where it belongs So what about the here and now Well, I am a mild, mannered post office worker by day I have a mortgage to pay and a partner named Lee who I have been with for cough twenty one years cough At night, my muse, the bitch, forces me into bondage and makes me sit at my computer and type out stories about men having sex with each other all the time over and over in varying degrees of WTF, too I mean, I have stories out there about alien spiders needing humans to nourish their eggs, red skinned aliens whose balls glow when they are sexually excited, beings who cock dock with their victims to drain them of their life force, and a young man who discovers puberty is just the start of his problems as he comes into magolescence on his eighteenth birthday and his penis turns into a snake Ah, the life of a story teller The fun never ends.

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    Ok, most of the story you want to smack Liam He is so immature He falls to peer pressure and sex He tries to make himself a god Liam does redeem himself but not before a lot of bad happens This is a story of growing up and maturing It is an extreme story of teenage mistakes and arrogance, but what of us

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    Science Fiction so much fluff, right I mean it s pure escapism no big revelations to be found inside a book that has some techno babble science speak I mean, please Hidden messages Deep Meanings I don t think so A mark of a true leader is not the battles he has fought, rather, how he rallies those around him by

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    m a big fan of Mark Alders I ve read several of his books and really enjoyed them The way this was written was very interesting There were first POV scenes as if he was talking in a journal The beginning really drew me in There was a seriously intriguing plot and of course, really hot sex, but the sex was a bit lacking

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    Once again I am remembered why I usually just skip books written by Mark Alder The whole story plot is one big black hole We are met with Liam from day 1 when he is born From that day his doctor sees that he is extraordinarily so he stays in contact with his mother and after she dies with his grandfather Years past and Liam ha

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    I don t normally review books I didn t finish as it is unfair to the author, but I just wanted to put down why I didn t like this one One reason only The MC Liam, is a spoilt annoying shit that I didn t connect to at all I realise all most 18 yr olds think of is sex but there is literally nothing else on his mind at all Also, how was

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    Not one of his bestI m sorry to say I didn t really enjoy this book It seems very amateurish, given the number of books the author has written I didn t like any of the characters The story line was muddled and not well constructed As short as it is, I think the author should have taken the time to flesh out the characters and adddetails A goo

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