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From Father to Son Is an independent cop the best family man Niall MacLachlan s one priority is the law He fought his way from the wrong side of the tracks to earn his badge and won t jeopardize it for anything After all, trusting his family nearly cost him everything as a kid So, no This loner has no desire for a wife and children to call his ownSo why is his entirely too attractive landlady, Rowan Staley, slipping past all his defenses She and her young family complete with noisy dog are everything Niall thinks he doesn t want But he can t keep his distance when she turns to him for protection from a neighborhood threat And in the end, letting her go might be impossible

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    This is the second detective brother s story Niall is happy with having no ties though now he has become closer to his elder brother Duncan Then his landlady dies and everything changes, the heroine moves in with her two kids and dog and now he can t get any distance They are everywhere and he likes

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    An excellent book I really liked Niall when I met him in Duncan s book I could tell he was a good man, but like his brother, didn t know how to love or be loved I loved the way he was with Rowan s two kids he was great at taking care of them, playing with them, protecting them He just didn t know how

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    What a great story Both the hero and heroine had to grow The children acted like children There was external conflict as well at the emotional background of the main characters Plus I got to see how the h h in the first books were doing I look forward to the story about the youngest brother.

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    Definately looking forward to the final book in this trilogy

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    Niall MacLachlan has had a horrible childhood, distanced from everyone except his responsible older brother, Duncan He doesn t know how to love and doesn t want to be lovedor so he thinks Niall is no big fan of kids and dogs and loud, happy, messy families, but all that s about to change.His landlady, E

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    This was a new to me author and I was quite impressed I love finding these kinds of authors and evenso when they have nice sized back lists.The hero, Niall comes from quite a dysfunctional family His drug dealing father spent time in prison and his mother just up and left Niall, his older brother Duncan

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    A well written, satisfying story Niall was cool, very cool, and his attraction to Rowan was sweet and JKJ did a good job of convincing us his not so outgoing personality developed enough for him to love Rowan Rowan s virgin behaviour was sad, she had my sympathy although I completely understood why she so

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    In this story we have a man, an officer of the law, who s very much a loner Things happen that make him get involved with a young widow and her two children and a dog There s really a lot going on in this story, including a very strange twist that keeps the action moving along.

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    Engaging story and characters Villain of the story was seriously creepy and over the top in his interactions with the main characters It was supposed to be a mystery as to the villain s identity, but it was pretty obvious 3.5 stars

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    Excellent story, excellently done Sometimes I get impatient with characters who waffle back and forth about their emotions, but in this story, because of who the hero is, it works and Johnson makes it work very well Oh, and I didn t guess the villain until way late Really liked this one.

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