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Dackelblick Hercules is a dachshund, and his new mistress Caroline is the greatest human being on earth She s the one who rescued him from the animal shelter, who smells of summer and strawberries, and who laughs when the little pup snuggles up with her on the sofa So when Caroline is badly treated by her bossy, dog hating boyfriend, Hercules decides it s high time he rescued his mistress for a change And so begins an epic quest to find his favourite woman the perfect man Touching, original, and very funny, Puppy Love is a story about love, life, and the best friend a girl could ever have.

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    Now this was a cute and loveable book Told by Hercules, or Carl Leopold von Eschersbach as he insists he is called with Hercules conversing daily with Mr Beck, the fat, aged cat who is also in residence, it has a distinct charm to it.Ca

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    Love it

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    Two words Cuteness overload Aww, this was so so adorable And not just because of the cover which I wanted to pet every single second LOL But the whole story is cute Herkulus, a sausage dog, tries to find the right man for his mum mistress or whatever wit

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    This was so cute It s written from the puppy s point of view This should be read at least once.

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    herzig e good book for a quite nightduty

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    I can t even begin to describe the cuteness of this book.

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    This was a super cute story I loved the character of Hercules, what an amazing little sausage dog Ha ha that s pretty much the reason I picked up this book I liked how the story had all sorts of unexpected twist and turns I had no idea how it was going to end.Probably the only issue I had

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    Despite a few hanging sentences and what seem like translation issues, this was a fun read I generally enjoy books told from a pet s point of view, and this was no exception The only real trouble I had is with the rather abrupt and unrealistic ending.

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    For this review and others, visit the EditorialEyes Blog 2 starsLet s get this right out of the way the English cover of Frauke Scheunemann s Puppy Love is the cutest freaking thing you will ever see Featuring a tiny puppy staring out with the most soulful I m sorry I ate your favourite pair of shoes but yo

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    Actually 3.5 stars.This was a romantic contemporary way out of my usual haunt But if there s a book with an animal as the narrator and an assurance that they don t die, god knows I ll be reading it This was also translated from German just to mix it up even way to find one that s out there Emily pats self on back S

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