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The Valentine Child (Wedlocked!) (Wedlocked!) (Harlequin Presents, #1795) Read The Valentine Child Wedlocked Wedlocked Harlequin Presents, 1795 Author Jacqueline Baird Bandcamptomp3.co.uk WedlockedWould Valentine Play CupidWhen Zo S Baby Arrived On February 14, It Seemed Only Natural To Call Him Valentine But As Far As Zo Was Concerned, Valentine Had Been The Only Romance In Her Brief Marriage To Justin Gifford And Since Justin Had Harshly Declared That He Never Wanted To See Her Again, She Hadn T Had The Chance To Tell Him That He Had A Son But Then The Unthinkable Happened Valentine Became Desperately Ill And Zo Knew That She Would Do Anything To Save Him Even If That Meant Seducing Her Own HusbandJacqueline Baird Burns Up The PagesRomantic Times

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    I was a bit torn between 3 and 4 starsprobablyof a 3 star read, but bumped up for the originality The ill secret baby and heroine s reason for reconnecting were weel done The emotion was a bit surface i mean, it was there to some degree but it could have been a lotwrenching Yes, heroine was immature but that critcism is sillyisnt that what a 35 year old m

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    i really liked this book in spite of the initial immature behavior of the h but then she is young n easily manipulated by circumstances n th H doesn t help with his odd distant behaviorbut the reunion was a cracker for mei so like an h who sets out to seduce and does it with panacheof course her reasons r very different and i like the way that trope is han

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    Holy ethics challenged heroine, Batman We have enough lies and misunderstandings for a several HP stories not just this one.Our hero has been in love with the heroine since she was 14 At her 18th birthday party he brings an OW to flaunt in her face as protection, doncha know But heroine tries her seductive moves and he responds Afraid he s scared her off, M

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Ok, so this hero is an asshole, no argument there He appears to be a cheating husband, and appears that he married heroine only for money, yet he does NOT offer her a proper explanation, apart from honey we need to talk Yet, he sees her with a man who s old enough to be her fathe

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    1.5 2 starsPretty much hated this one Will not re read.Having 1 or 2 Big Misunderstandings isthan enough.I think this book had about 397 Big Misunderstandingsit felt like a new one cropped up on every page It was utterly ridiculous and soooooooo frustrating.This book s...

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    This book is a very sweet Valentines day romance, which is perfect because It s almost Valentine s day Zoe, the heroine, is 14 when she first meets Justin, the hero he s 28 He very sweetly comforts her while she is grieving the death of her parents and she instantly develops hero worship and a teenage crush On her 18th birthday she realizes she doesn t just ha

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    There were many, many reasons NOT to like this book, but I found myself really liking it for one reason THE HERO WASN T A COMPLETE LOSER IDIOT LOL Sorry, but it s so often the guy s fault and this time around the blame could and was spread around Don t get me wrong, there were a few moments when he deserved the title, TSTL, but he rose to the occasion, owned up

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    This was such an intense emotional read,two people who love each other but still cause of lack of communication and age gap there is loads of misunderstandings leading to seperation,pain,anger,hurt but their child brings them back togetherJoe and Justine two people who meet through Zoe s uncle,there is instant attraction from both the sides but Justin is relucta

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    I always enjoy a good book by Jacqueline Baird, but this is not one of my favorites I just could not get past the lies, manipulation and immaturity of the heroine.

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    Another book from the Treasury line I have been enjoying reading older books recently, some of therecent ones have been a little disappointing.This book turned out to be so muchenjoyable than I expected The title and blurb really don t do it justice This is a secret baby book, but that s not the entire focus of the book, which makes it very interesting.I really en

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