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La casa sulla collina La casa sulla collina un romanzo d a ambientato nel Massachusetts, all inizio del secolo scorso La storia vissuta da gente comune il cui a, la cui riconoscenza e il cui senso del dovere vengono esplorati con garbo

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    Wow what an emotional read I needed my tissues for sure with this wonderful, bittersweet love story Lavyrle Spenser is a master of human emotions And boy were my emotions used in this book There is desire, guilt, love, recriminations, fear, impatience, jealousy, despair and hope All wrapped up in the lives of three friends who had grown up together in Colonial Nantucket and

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    Another first book for me I was on a trip with friends and bored out of my mind when I went down to the hotel gift shop looking for something to read I picked up Twice Loved and spent the rest of the weekend buried in it I was 18 at the time and this was the first real romance novel I d ever read Ms Spencer drew me into her story from the first page My heart broke for the thr

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    3 Stars Oh, the cruelty of fateYeah, that s what this book is all about Desperation led Laura to do something that later made her heart shatter after knowing the truth I don t know how to make judge of every character because as a reader, it seems easy to decide what I believed to be the right thing, making me pissed if the character can t even act on it But in reality, it was

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    I ve loved every single book I ve read by Lavyrle Spencer so far I still love her gorgeous writing style and how she develops characters and a story all are evident in Twice Loved On the positive side, I absolutely love the setting and atmosphere in this novel It is set in a small fishing village, and the place and people who inhabit it come alive in this novel Unfortunately fo

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    Read this book first time in 1984 Read again in 2013, but didn t like it as much as I remembered The intimate scenes were WAY TOO EXPLICIT I like so muchleft to the imagination Also, I think that LaVyrle wrote like this in her first few books and then started backing away to better writing and less details The shock factor and explicitness wasn t needed after she became a best s

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    I love Lavyrle Spencer s writing She is so detailed and thorough that you can t help but be swept up in each of the character s thoughts and emotions This book, however, just didn t grab me the way many of hers have I didn t like that it began with Rye coming home I think it would have been much better if it had started with a prologue detailing the love affair between Rye and La

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    This was my first LyVryle Spencer, and still my favorite.Laura and Rye are childhood sweethearts, patiently putting up with their friend Dan, who follows them constantly.They all grow up Rye goes off to sea to make some money so they can have a better life Little does he know that Laura is pregnant.Rye is lost at sea When he returns, some years later, he discovers that Laura has m

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    This is the 1st LaVyrle Spencer book I haven t completely enjoyed A particularly gaping plot hole is the little boy having no contact with his paternal grandparents I mean if my son died at sea, I d do everything to be a part of my grandson s life And Rye had grown up in the town, wouldn t anyone in the village have said something to the child about his father in all those years Th

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    3.5 stars for this novelWow, I really love this novel So emotional and romantic to read, and I think I ve to read the other novel of hers Of course she will become one of my favourite author

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    Lavyrle Spencer is one of my favorite authors and I adore all her books but this one holds a special place in my heart The Fulfillment is a close second An auto buy author Her books are bursting with heartwrenching emotion and passion.

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